Executive Team


Mission Statement

Our mission at AQI is to create a collaborative and imaginative environment that promotes open-mindedness, kindness, and results-driven innovation. We believe in the power of partnerships and understand that everyone plays a crucial role in achieving our goals. We challenge ourselves to reimagine what’s possible and approach tasks creatively and enthusiastically while always acting with professionalism, ethics, and respect for others. We are committed to working together as a family, supporting each other, and celebrating our collective successes. At AQI, we strive to positively impact the world by delivering exceptional results and providing our customers with unforgettable experiences through our products.

At AQI, we value kindness as an essential part of our company culture. We believe in treating others how we want to be treated and welcoming everyone’s unique and authentic selves to the workplace. We take personal responsibility for our actions and outcomes and always act professionally, ethically, and positively. As a team, we are committed to achieving our goals and supporting each other without politics or personal agendas. We believe in mutual respect and strive to uphold it in every interaction.

David’s journey to success in the toy industry began with his education at Ravensbourne University in London, where he earned his Bachelor’s in Product Design and Engineering. This degree served as a launching pad for a career spanning over 22 years, which has seen him work with startups and growth organizations to achieve remarkable success.

Throughout his career, David has gained invaluable experience in various aspects of the toy industry. He profoundly understands operations, P&L, global multi-channel production distribution, product development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. He has worked on domestic and international fronts, giving him a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in different markets.

David is an accomplished executive with a solid track record of increasing sales, growing the bottom line, and spearheading operational improvements to drive productivity and reduce costs. He excels in dynamic, demanding environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. His ability to think strategically has enabled him to identify opportunities for growth and efficiency and create and execute plans that deliver results.

In 2009 he decided to break away from the corporate environment and founded AQI, where he now focuses on long-term strategies for the company. As the CEO, he oversees various departments, including design, R&D, manufacturing, overseas operations, HR, e-commerce, sales, and marketing. His leadership and guidance have positioned the company for success, and his unwavering commitment to excellence inspires the team to achieve greater heights.

His ability to build relationships has been crucial to his success in the toy industry. He is equally comfortable interacting with team members, business partners, and customers. His approachability has earned him a reputation as a leader genuinely interested in the welfare of those around him.

David is a visionary leader who profoundly understands the toy industry. He has a proven track record of success in various aspects of the business, and his leadership has been instrumental in positioning AQI as a company poised for future growth and success. His unwavering commitment to excellence, strategic thinking, and ability to build relationships has been critical to his and the company’s success.

Wayne Lin is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and executive with expertise in finance, operations, and information systems. With a solid academic foundation in finance, he is a graduate of UCSB. He has acquired invaluable experience across various industries, from small start-ups to Fortune 100 publicly traded firms.

Wayne possesses diverse core competencies, including visionary leadership, risk assessment and management, strategic thinking, financial planning and forecasting, manufacturing, organizational restructuring, business intelligence, forward-thinking, technology innovation, system implementation, and analytical aptitude. These competencies have played a crucial role in his ability to drive growth and profitability in the companies he has worked for.

At AQI, Wayne serves as a vital management team member, overseeing Accounting, Finance, Purchasing, Customer Service, Operations, HR, and AQI Japan. His primary responsibilities include ensuring timely financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, company treasury, inventory control and management, cost control, cash management, implementing and reviewing financial matrix and KPIs across various departments, and leading the team to higher operational efficiency as increase productivity.

What sets AQI apart for Wayne is the exceptional work atmosphere and the talented team he works with. The company’s growth from a group of three to over one hundred has been a remarkable journey. Wayne attributes AQI’s success to the exceptional pool of talent that has been instrumental in the company’s growth and success.

Ashley Rockey

Sr. Director of Sales

Ashley Rockey is a seasoned Senior Director of Sales at AQI and holds the distinction of being the company’s first employee since her arrival in September 2011. With an illustrious career spanning 15 years, she possesses a wealth of experience in domestic and international sales and distribution. Ashley’s current role as Senior Director of Sales at AQI sees her overseeing the company’s global retail and distribution business, with a proven track record of driving sales and profitability across the board.

Throughout her career, Ashley has been a sales executive with a strong track record of success in growing product and brand awareness by implementing multi-channel retail strategies for consumer product organizations worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Her expertise extends to building and coaching profitable sales teams, managing accounts, and sales operations, all of which have contributed to record-setting sales figures.

Ashley has an unmatched knowledge of AQI’s products, brands, and categories, and her proficiency in competitive products and industry insights make her an invaluable asset to AQI. With her leadership and guidance, AQI has continued expanding its global footprint and establishing itself as a consumer product industry leader.

As Senior Director of Sales, Ashley has led AQI to new heights of success with her innovative sales strategies and dynamic leadership style. Her accomplishments include driving revenue growth across all product categories, establishing strategic partnerships with major retailers, and building a solid, cohesive sales team.

Moreover, Ashley’s excellent interpersonal skills and exceptional communication and negotiation abilities have enabled her to build long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders across the industry. She is a master at leveraging these relationships to drive the company’s growth and success.

In addition to her impressive career at AQI, Ashley Rockey has also held several notable positions in the consumer product industry. She served as the Global Director of Sales at Sillybandz. She managed all national retail accounts, including major retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us, achieving a record-breaking year of over 300 million dollars in sales worldwide.

Ashley also held the Director of Licensing title, where she worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Hello Kitty, Barbie, Sponge Bob, and the Kardashians. Her expertise in licensing and brand management has been instrumental in AQI’s success in establishing itself as a leading player in the consumer product industry.

Rene Escamilla

Director of Ecommerce

Rene Escamilla is the Director of eCommerce and Marketing at AQI, where he is responsible for overseeing all eCommerce operations and expansions of digital marketplaces and marketing. In his role, Rene works closely with brand partners to best represent their brands in the digital world. He has a wealth of experience in product development, brand launching, market research, marketplace automation, and website building, making him a key player in AQI’s digital marketing strategy.

Rene has a background in marketing, data research, brand and product launching, product development, product marketing, eCommerce, and customer service. His knowledge and experience in these areas have enabled him to drive significant growth in AQI’s eCommerce operations, leading to the company’s success in various digital marketplaces.

Throughout his tenure at AQI, Rene has achieved several significant accomplishments. One of his key achievements was building a dedicated eCommerce team, which has been instrumental in the company’s success in the digital world. Rene has also been responsible for successfully launching various marketplaces to sell AQI’s products, including Amazon and other eCommerce platforms.

Moreover, Rene has built a thriving eCommerce brand, jellybeet, which offers a range of high-quality products that have resonated with customers. He has brought his expertise in developing jellybeet’s digital marketing strategy, quickly helping the brand achieve widespread recognition and success.

Outside of work, Rene is a funko pop collector, #girldad, and proud nerd with a Star Wars obsession. His hobbies and interests have significantly influenced his work at AQI. He has leveraged his love of pop culture to develop innovative marketing strategies resonating with consumers.

Rene Escamilla is an accomplished Director of eCommerce with a diverse skill set and extensive experience in digital marketing. His expertise in website building, management, and eCommerce has been instrumental in driving growth and success for AQI, with his accomplishments including building a dedicated eCommerce team, launching various marketplaces, and building a successful eCommerce brand.