United States


Performs product image-crafting for lifestyle-oriented contract manufacturer/seller of toys and related merchandise. Reviews market research and marketing plans, offering suggestions for improvement, including available marketing resources. Remains current in academic and industry literature in modern marketing. In consultation with product developers, determines thematic content in terms of image-crafting sought to be achieved. Develops branding text and conceives graphic and representational elements for product introduction campaigns.  Proposes image-crafting budgets for specific product introductions. Identifies opportunities for free, public-interest image-making for the Corporation, such as charitable events, sponsorships of worthy causes, as well as elements of industry show participation and exhibitions, with emphasis on overall themes to project company dynamism, public commitments, and future-oriented focus of its work. Provides corporate image content for company website improvements.  Prepares press releases on appropriate occasions as new products are introduced. 


EDUCATION:  Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Communications or closely related

EXPERIENCE: 1 year of experience in Job Offered as Market Communications Analyst, OR, Retail Sales as an alternate occupation. 

JOB SITE: 441 Frazee Avenue, Suite A, Bowling Green, OH 43402

Submit resume at 441 Frazee Avenue, #A, Bowling Green, OH 43402 or Aliquantum International, Inc. Attn: HR.