Space Hamster

About Space Hamster™?

Space Hamsters are a family of intergalactic “hamstronauts” who have one job – to protect pets from the dastardly guinea pig, Matisse and his gang of mind-controlling Guinea Pigs. This “rodent rivalry” is battled out by the Space Hamster team, with the help of Nikki and Georgia, their most trusted Earth buddies.


Sinjin means king and this Space Hamster™ thinks he is just that. He is outspoken and likes to surf and skateboard with Piper when not rescuing animals.


Piper and Sinjin are best friends. Piper can mimic any noise an animal makes which comes in handy during rescue missions. She likes to play piano. She’s also a forensic expert and a graduate of SHBI. (Space Hamster Bureau of Investigation).


Ruby likes to snuggle and collect Ham Snax™ to share with the other Space Hamsters™. On weekends, Ruby sings her favorite songs at Space Hamster hang out, Heaven Karaoke.

Captain Katana

Captain Katana is the SHIC, (Space Hamstronaut in Charge) and trains the Space Hamsters on driving the HFO’s (Hamster Flying Objects). He’s also quite skilled at using his magical Samurai sword in pet rescue emergencies.

Sam the Grease Ham

Sam is the mechanic for HASA (Hamster Animal Safety Association) and services the HFO’s and Hambo Car