in Japanese means Rilak “relaxed” Kuma “bear”

A brown bear that mysteriously appeared one day in Kaoru’s room. Rilakkuma lies lazily anywhere and is always stress free. With a love for pancakes, dumplings, music and spending time at the Hot Springs Rilakkuma is an example to us all to relax and enjoy life stress free. The most mysterious part of Rilakkuma is the zipper on its back, is Rilakkuma really a bear? Or is something else inside?


in Japanese means Ko *little* Rilak “relaxed” Kuma “bear”

Korilakkuma is Rilakkuma’s mischievous little friend who showed up in Kaoru’s home too. Korilakkuma loves hardcore music and head banging. With its little red button we also assume that it too may not be a bear at all.


in Japanese means yellow bird

Kaoru’s pet bird, Kiiroitori, is not happy with the sudden appearance of Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma as they have made chaos for its normally quiet daily life. Kiiroitori spends time cleaning up after Rilakkuma, playing pranks on Korilakkuma and collecting things, like coins and treats found on the floor.


She works in a metropolitan area (Tokyo). Prior to Rilakkuma’s visit, her daily routine was to sleep at home after an intense day at work. Rilakkuma brought a little laughter to her life. She sometimes buys Rilakkuma’s favorite rice dumpling but decides not to give it because of Rilakkuma’s unacceptable behavior.