What is Kittygurumi™?

In a world of normal kitties, there exists a place nestled in the distance called Kittygurumi City. This city is far from the others and unique for its one special characteristic: nothing is quite what it seems in Kittygurumi City!

One particular group of friends plans weekly get-togethers where they each wear one of their favorite themed costumes- these are called “kigurumi” (snuggly fleece onesie pajamas). With their animal pajamas, these kittens have fun using their imaginations to play together. The Kittygurumi embody the phrase, “You can be anything you want to be!”


A Himalayan Cat who considers herself a “cat food connoisseur.” She enjoys trying new foods.


An “Alley Cat” who may seem a bit intimidating but is actually a kind and compassionate friend.


A Scottish Fold who is known as “the weird one” by her friends. She takes pride in her quirkiness.


A Calico Cat who loves to play harmless pranks, tell jokes, and make others laugh.


An optimistic Tabby Cat who is a ball of energy, which makes her well-loved in her community.


A Perision Cat who is a little sassy and a little bit of a diva but is still good-natured and friendly.


A Bengal Cat who is elegant and mature. Her friends refer to her as “the mom friend.”


A “Black Cat” who is very relaxed, prefers to go with the flow and stay out of trouble.